Competitive Advantages
QuickFlex provides customers and industry partners with innovative, cost effective technologies that are standardized, highly configurable and customizable, but with Ready-to-Use capabilities for various applications and (rapid) deployment environments. Designed to give our customers sustainable competitive advantages in technology innovation, time-to-market, and ongoing product evolution and maintenance, QuickFlex technologies and services help our customers to become industry-wide, market leaders in their fields.

High Performance, Flexible, Secure Technology
QuickFlex technical experts have decades of experience in the development of advanced embedded and desktop systems, hardware and software, and networking, with a particular focus on Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and other programmable logic, highly reconfigurable computing systems, decision engines, and computer security.

QuickFlex expertise and unique products create our preeminent leadership in the use of reconfigurable resources and FPGAs, especially in the areas of dynamic and partial reconfiguration, fault tolerance, distributed computing, and various security protections. Our efforts in this area led to the creation of the patented Reconfigurable Logic Manager™ (RLM) environment, which includes a standardized application programming interface (API), a set of middleware, and supporting tools and methodologies. The RLM maximizes the computational power and flexibility of reconfigurable computing resources in complex systems and minimizes the burdens of initial deployment and product evolution when reacting to rapidly changing market conditions or processes.

Finance and Other

QuickFlex's technologies can help keep customers in financial and other markets on the cutting edge of performance computing, all while being flexible enough to adapt as fast as your applications and markets do. Key benefits include:

  • Ultra high speed and performance
  • High-density, lower power computing
  • Cyber-security and IP protections
  • Enhanced computing and lowering costs


QuickFlex is proud to serve the federal government on an ongoing basis; especially those who fight for our freedom. Our products and services have helped our important federal customers in the areas of:

  • Military and Aerospace
  • International Space Station
  • Cyber and other security applications
  • Computing and analysis

Federal Market

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