QuickFlex, Inc. provides products and services in the development and support of high-performance, state-of-the-art, advanced, reconfigurable systems and circuit solutions, novel security protections, fault tolerant solutions, and sophisticated decision engines for embedded, desktop, and networking technologies. The Company’s customers include the Federal government and market leading commercial customers.

Primary Goals of the Company and Vision

At QuickFlex, the consistent and overarching goal is to provide its customers with advanced, rapidly deployable, high-performance technologies which are standardized, reusable, but highly customizable, and which can easily and reliably be tested and used in multiple architectures and projects across entire organizations.

From its founding, the QuickFlex vision has been full realization of the potential benefits promised by Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technologies as well as other reconfigurable computing technologies. This focus has led QuickFlex to become an industry leader in technologies associated with dynamic reconfiguration of high-performance computing resources and has raised the bar for new innovations, unparalleled feature sets, and major improvements in the way applications and systems use FPGAs.

The Company is additionally moving into other leadership roles by creating unique security solutions for Information Assurance and Anti-Tamper, fault tolerant technologies, and complex decision engines. Moving forward QuickFlex will continue to provide its customers and partners with advanced products, services, and the highest level of support for their projects and systems.

QuickFlex offices are strategically located in, or among, our nation’s high-tech hubs. With its headquarters in San Antonio, TX and branch engineering offices in Austin, TX; Fair Play, SC, and Dayton, OH; and affiliate offices in Chicago IL, and New York, NY, QuickFlex is uniquely situated to help meet our customers’ needs.


Sally Draper, CEO
Floyd Rogers, CFO

Board of Directors

Steve Kelley, Board Chair
Sally Draper, President
Floyd Rogers, Treasurer
John Diller, Secretary

Technical Advisory Board

Bob Ledzius
Nick Tredennick
Art Olbert

Contact Information

QuickFlex, Inc.
8401 N. New Braunfels
Suite 324
San Antonio, TX 78209
Voice: 210.824.2348
FAX: 801.730.3940