QuickFlex technical experts have decades of unrivaled experience and proven, efficient methodologies to define and create game-changing technology innovations and new services offerings for your organization. QuickFlex capitalizes on the power of its experts to provide ourselves and our customers with inventive capabilities and pragmatic approaches to get and stay ahead of the competitive curve.

QuickFlex's technical experts have expertise in the research and development of advanced embedded and desktop systems, software, hardware, and networking solutions, with particular focuses on high-performance dynamically reconfigurable computing systems, decision engines, fault tolerance, and security - including cyber security and anti-tamper.

QuickFlex expertise and standardized products create our preeminent leadership in the use of reconfigurable resources and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). QuickFlex is continuing to extend our technology leadership with the Company’s ongoing research and development projects which provide an expanding ecosystem of reconfigurable computing architectures, hardware fault detection and correction, leading-edge security-based technologies, system attack detection, threat assessment, and countermeasures, and fault tolerant mobile wireless ad hoc networking solutions.

Our core competencies include:

  • Reconfigurable Logic Manager™ (RLM) – FPGA-based, with optional partial reconfiguration, fault tolerance, various types of security, and distributed capabilities. Linux, RTOS’s and Windows.
  • System, software, hardware, and FPGA design
  • Development and support in all phases of the product life cycle, for:
    • Complex software applications (e.g., automatic test pattern generation, system design and simulation, automation, etc.)
    • Hardware design (ad hoc networked wireless embedded devices, all major microprocessor and FPGA devices, high performance, fault-tolerance, dynamic reconfiguration, etc.)
  • Advanced and secure communications, signal processing, VOIP, image and video processing, video surveillance, design automation algorithms and methodologies, ASIC, FPGA, signal characterization, and decision engines
  • Large-scale multi-processor, reconfigurable logic, DSP, fault tolerant, embedded and desktop software, and testing solutions
  • Various architectures, small to large form factors
  • Expert Services
  • Supporting services for QuickFlex and other technologies

Research and Development

QuickFlex has developed products and deployed our early stage RLM technologies at the highest technical readiness level. See Case Studies.
Additional products are in various stages of maturity and will be released to our partners as they are completed.

Federal Programs

QuickFlex’s research and development for the Federal government is performed through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), Broad Agency Announcements (BAA), and other programs.
QuickFlex has performed and is performing a number of ongoing research efforts to address various military, NASA, energy, and other pressing needs.

Commercial Programs

QuickFlex’s research and development for Commercial Enterprise is performed through sponsored R&D contracts or with teaming or partnership agreements. QuickFlex has performed and is performing a number of ongoing research efforts as internal R&D, or for commercial clients and customers. Our work addresses industry needs for high performance, secure, and reliable computing with rapid development and deployment, fast adaptation to changing needs and market conditions, and lowered costs for ongoing maintenance.

Contact Information

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Voice: 210.824.2348
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