QuickFlex FPGA-based products and services allow more cost effective development and use of FPGAs by greatly reducing complexity, and reducing component sizes, hardware, system, power, weight, and ongoing management costs. In the development environment, the QuickFlex technology handles FPGA programming issues for application developers, provides reusable libraries, and provides application software and hardware independence with a rapid and more cost-effective development. In the runtime environment, the QuickFlex RLM provides partial reconfiguration (reprogramming certain resources while others on the same chip continue to function normally), enhanced performance, lower power and resource requirements, and other benefits. The QuickFlex standardized RLM approach provides a feature-rich, high-performance reusable platform for multiple types of applications in multiple types of environments.


Reconfigurable Logic Manager™

QuickFlex’s transformative Reconfigurable Logic Manager™ (RLM) product line provides a state-of-the-art environment for high-performance reconfigurable systems and circuit solutions, including those exploiting Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology.

Success Stories

QuickFlex has performed work for the Federal Government as well as Fortune 100 companies including Compaq/HP and Motorola, where the resultant products were made available to millions of consumers.


QuickFlex, Inc. is a high-tech company that specializes in advanced research and development (R&D) in high-performance systems, novel Cyber Security and Anti-Tamper technologies for protection of software, hardware, and data, more reliable fault tolerant solutions, and sophisticated decision engines for embedded, desktop, and networking technologies.

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