QuickFlex, Inc. specializes in advanced research and development (R&D) in high-performance systems, novel Cyber Security and Anti-Tamper technologies for protection of software, hardware, IP, sensitive technology, and data, more reliable fault tolerant solutions, and sophisticated decision engines for embedded, desktop, and networking technologies.

QuickFlex’s successful track record of innovative R&D includes
customers ranging from industry leading small businesses, to Fortune 100 companies, to the U.S. Federal government. Research and Development for the Federal government is performed through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Broad Agency Announcements (BAA) programs, as well as through other types of contracts.

QuickFlex licenses its products, such as the
Reconfigurable Logic Manager™ (RLM) technologies, and is continuing its legacy of innovative technology development designed to expand and add additional capabilities to the RLM product family. Through various advanced capabilities, QuickFlex and its suppliers are helping to reduce the power consumption required by systems using the RLM, and thus helping to reduce the carbon footprint.

QuickFlex is additionally continuing to perform ongoing research using its unique decision engine technologies in various applications, including Cyber Security and Anti-Tamper solutions. In conjunction with our teaming partners’ commercial products, QuickFlex’s research and development in secure, high performance networking technologies supports innovative responses to various types of cyber and tamper attacks, helping to protect government systems, critical national infrastructure, and commercial networks.

QuickFlex has further capabilities in various stages of development and maturity which will be released to our partners as they are completed. Areas include fault management and self-healing for wireless ad hoc networks; virtual architectures (hardware and software) with commercial hardware and Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) devices, including systems based on the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) and other emerging standards (Data Distribution Service, CORBA/e, etc.); SCA operating environment optimization for JTRS radios; and other security-based technologies.

As QuickFlex continues to grow our portfolio of advanced capabilities, the Company expects to continue its strong legacy of providing standardized, yet highly customizable solutions. Designed to assist our customers in becoming dominate market leaders, QuickFlex's unique technologies and services help provide preeminent competitive advantages in technology innovation and time-to-deployment.

Versatile Developers

QuickFlex’s solutions are created by a group of research and development experts with rich application domains and who are comfortable with the requirements of government and commercial domains. This versatility and capability gives QuickFlex and its customers added competitive advantages and an increased level of security.

Sponsored and Cooperative Research

Developers at QuickFlex are actively engaged in several sponsored research programs. The Company is also actively reinvesting in Internal Research and Development programs, and has an interest in performing cooperative research with organizations that have complementary capabilities.

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