QuickFlex's Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based products and services allow more cost effective development and use of FPGAs by greatly reducing expertise requirements and complexity, and by reducing component sizes, hardware, system, power, weight, and ongoing management costs. In the development environment, the QuickFlex technology handles FPGA programming issues for application developers, provides reusable libraries, and provides application software and hardware independence with a rapid and more cost-effective development. In the runtime environment, the QuickFlex RLM provides partial reconfiguration (reprogramming certain resources while others on the same chip continue to function normally), enhanced performance, lower power and resource requirements, and other benefits. The QuickFlex standardized RLM approach provides a feature-rich, high-performance reusable platform easily customizable and testable for multiple types of applications across various architectures and organizations.

Reconfigurable Logic Manager™ (RLM)

QuickFlex’s transformative Reconfigurable Logic Manager (RLM) product line provides a state-of-the-art environment for high-performance reconfigurable systems and circuit solutions, including those exploiting FPGA technology. The RLM system-level software architecture and infrastructure meet the growing needs and challenges in commercial and military deployments and allow extremely high computing speeds with optional security protections and fault tolerant capabilities while using less hardware and power consumption.
QuickFlex has set the bar for product leadership with optional, on-demand RLM runtime features including:

  • RLM-PR ― Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration (with optional full chip configuration)
  • RLM-FT ― System Level Fault Tolerance, Self Healing and Error Checking
  • RLM-DC ― Distributed Computing
  • RLM-SC ― Secure Computing (includes protection of software, hardware, IP, sensitive technologies, and data)
  • RLM - SP ― Security Protector (protects software , hardware,….and data)
  • RLM-SB ― Secure BootShroud (includes protection of software, hardware, IP, sensitive technologies, and data)
The RLM’s object oriented approach allows for full regression testing for critical systems, and supports RTOS’s, Linux, and Windows platforms for embedded and desktop computing. Depending upon customer requirements, the RLM’s expandable, adaptable, open interface framework is easily re-locatable to various OS’s on commercial or custom hardware that is soft configurable, including platforms with radiation-tolerant/hardened SRAM-based FPGAs.

Development Environment – RLM Rapid Development Tools

In the development environment, the RLM handles FPGA programming issues for application developers and reduces system complexity and risk. The RLM environment provides a standardized application programming interface (API) and an object oriented component based approach. In order to accelerate the creation and integration of hardware objects (HWOs) the RLM environment includes the QuickFlex Hardware Object (HWO) Packer™ and a supporting suite of tools. Compatible with various third-party FPGA standard tool chains, the HWO Packer helps with the creation of hardware objects in a more automated fashion. The RLM methodologies provide more cost-effective development, and rapid deployment and migration, with reusable libraries and application software and hardware development independence. The RLM additionally provides for “soft hardware” upgrades and decreases ongoing management costs.

Whether installed in new or existing systems, QuickFlex is continuing its legacy of FPGA-based “industry firsts” for our customers. Please contact QuickFlex for additional details or to schedule a demonstration.

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