QuickFlex services are designed to develop sustainable business advantages and to support your mission critical projects. QuickFlex uses proven methodologies and industry best practices to get your project on the fast track and lower the risks and costs.

QuickFlex services range from providing leadership in advising our customers through conceiving, designing, implementing, and supporting the most complex applications and systems. Whether for a single project or ongoing staff augmentation services, our experts will tailor services and solutions specifically to meet your unique business and industry needs. To meet the special needs for Federal government customers, our proven record includes product development from concept generation through flight qualification, radiation testing, manufacturing availability, deployment, and ongoing upgrades.

QuickFlex's integrated methods support the complete range of QuickFlex projects and serve as the overarching methodology for implementing the growing suite of QuickFlex products. With QuickFlex expert services you can move efficiently to quickly achieve business results and maximize the value of your QuickFlex investment.

QuickFlex has expertise in projects ranging from small, limited-scope, short time frame, partner and customer-led engagements, to multimillion-dollar, fixed-price, multiple year projects. Our powerful, rapid-implementation technologies, tools, and methodologies are designed to be available across architectures and organizations with the results being solutions that are more easily maintained over the life of applications, in addition to a more rapid implementation at a lower cost.

Expert services areas include:

  • Design services and full product or system development
  • Systems engineering and custom product development using QuickFlex technology and solutions and/or customer specific or directed technologies
  • Software and FPGA development in various domains; e.g., high-performance digital communications, signal processing, security, control, data and event analysis, real-time embedded, video and image processing, development tools, drivers, applications, resource management, etc.
  • Decision Engines
  • Various security technologies – e.g. Cyber Security and Anti-Tamper applications
  • Architectures (hardware and software) with COTS hardware and FPGA devices
  • FPGA related applications, system designs, and services (graphical, VHDL, Verilog, reusable Hardware Objects, tool support, dynamic reconfiguration)
  • System definition (real-time, hardware interfaces, kernel porting and/or customizations, APIs)
  • Hardware design: FPGA behaviors, reprogrammable circuits, PCBs, ASICs, other; Gigabit Ethernet
  • Technical consultation, research, and/or review and technical writing
  • Technology assessments and technical support services
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Early Interaction

Interacting with QuickFlex during the research and development phase of a commercial capability has its advantages. A strong business partnership or early adopter relationship with QuickFlex enables developers to involve you early in the design and feature selection of our products. Early involvement ensures that the final release meets or exceeds your expectations. You will also have a glimpse into cutting edge research and development before it is publicly available.

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Sponsored and Cooperative Research

Developers at QuickFlex are actively engaged in several sponsored research programs. The Company is also actively reinvesting in Internal Research and Development (IRAD) programs, and has an interest in performing cooperative research with organizations that have complementary capabilities.

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